We will celebrate Halloween on Friday October 30th. The fun will take place throughout the morning as we fold the celebration into the normal Montessori day.

Children are welcome to wear costumes to school, but it is not mandatory. If your child chooses to wear a costume, be sure to include a full change of clothes. Also, save any weapon-like props for Halloween night.

We will carve a pumpkin, roast the seeds, sing some spooky Halloween songs, and do some fun Halloween art projects. Most of the activities will take place during the morning work period and the afternoon will be “business as usual”.

Since the activities take place throughout the morning, there is no actual “party time” for parents to attend. So morning drop-off will be like other days.

A sign up sheet will be available in your child’s classroom if you would like to bring something to contribute to the fun such as mini muffins or cakes, other mini treats, cheese cubes, fresh fruit, organic apple juice, small cups, plates or napkins.

If our child has food allergies, you are welcome to bring a few special snack items that we can include on your child’s plate in lieu of the baked goods or cheese we serve. Otherwise, we will happily offer your child any party foods that she or he is able to eat and supplement with safe items from our own snack pantry.

Happy Halloween!